Accessories and Stuff

Avalon Forge

A source for tools, cooking and eating equipment, and more.

Cathy Johnson Miniatures and Scrimshaw

Cathy Johnson is a wonderful artist who recreates both painted and scrimshaw miniatures.

Cocked Hats

This is a resource for 18th-century hats and cockades.

G. Gedney Godwin

Godwin carries sundry items including weapons supplies, medical supplies, and musical instruments. Note: Some of these supplies are for the Civil War so proceed with caution. The authenticity of their clothing is uncertain.

Old Dominion Forge

Old Dominion Forge sells sundry items including cutlery, powder horns, and coins.It is recommended that you do research on your particular persona before blindly purchasing articles from them.

Dobyns and Martin, Grocers at the Sign of the Sugar Loaf

This sutler carries foodway items and some cosmetics. Their Sinful Chocolate candies are to die for!

Goose Bay Workshops

The proprietor, Peter Goebel, is a journeyman brazier and makes copper, tin, and brass wares by hand. Although his wares are expensive, they are well researched and beautifully made.

The Bindery at the Crown and Book

18th Century books, stationary, and pamphlets.

K. Walters at the Sign of the Grey Horse

One of our own, Kim Walters sells both authentic and more modern styled jewelry.

Hot Dip Tin

Producers of quality tinware.

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