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Contained here are websites, books, and other sources related to research, reenacting, the 18th century, and building a kit.

Where possible, a link is included to help you find a seller for the book. The link is not to the cheapest seller and there is no guarantee that the book will be available at any given time. It is recommended that for many of these you shop around prior to purchase as some books can run $100 or over. Also, check with your local library. If they do not have it in their stacks they may be able to borrow it from another library in the area.

If you have any suggested additions or subtractions from the lists contained here please use the feedback form on this site to provide the information. Please be aware that your source will be reviewed prior to inclusion. We strive to provide sources of the best quality. We will try to include all sources; however, we may include a caveat if the source is deemed to require it.

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