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14 March 1777

March 4, 1777

RALPH COBBS, Edward Cook, Richard Worsham, John McCarter, John Thompson, Matthew Dunham, Jonathan Terrel, John McNeal, and Gideon Patteson, of my company, who enlisted as privates in the continental service last August, had a furlough given them of ten days, after which time they were to join my company, then on their march for general Washington’s army. And as I have not heard from either of the above mentioned persons [UNREADABLE] their enlistments, I deem them deserters, and will give a reward of TEN DOLLARS for each, upon their being delivered to any continental officer after the 20th instant, unless they, or all of them, will deliver themselves up to me in Mecklenburg, or to any officers of the first Virginia regiment before the 20th instant, in which case I promise them a farther bounty of TEN DOLLARS.