Welcome to the First Virginia Regiment Research Portal!

This website was designed to guide you to information and resources that can help you improve your persona and learn more about the time period.

This website contains the following sections:

Research for Reenactors InfoGuide

This InfoGuide will help you create searches, evaluate sources, and answer the four major questions that guide the decision to use an item or wear a garment.


The Library contains a collection of primary and secondary sources that will help you understand the war and your particular role.

Vendor Listing

The list of online vendors includes booksellers, fabric stores, and other vendors that sell items useful to 18th century reenacting. The Regiment does not endorse any particular seller and buyer must always beware. If you have any questions about an item or garment, please discuss with the quartermaster/mistress prior to purchase.

1VA Manuals and Documents

All 1 VA Manuals and Documents can be found in the ‘Members Section’ located on the Home Page. Please note that the member section is password protected. If you do not have the current password, please contact your section’s Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), Civilian Coordinator, or submit a request using ‘Contact Us.’